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Szombathely (21/07/2007) - (HU)
Tams Jakkel (Hungary )
20 leonbergers registered
EExcellentVGVery GoodGGoodVPVery Promissing
?Unknown-Not present

Baby Class (male)
Akasztofa Duloi Edmond VP 1 Best Baby
Armageddon Member of the Leogang VP 2
Savaria-Szpe Dme VP 3
Youth Class (male)
Flash Lwe von Blumengarten E 1
Disgyori-Szikls Jeromos VG
Intermediate Class (male)
Grizzly Lwe von Zschopautal E 1 CAC
Einstein Lwe von Blumengarten VG
Open Class (male)
Hank vom Welland E 1 CACIB / CAC
Gigant Mountaineer Leonberger Diem VG
Champion Class (male)
Gullfax Lwe von Walhall E 1 CACIB / CAC
Alf Lwe von Blumengarten VG
Youth Class (female)
Greti Lwe von Blumengarten E 1
Kinglord's Miss Eferhild VG
Aileen Diamant von Bergen VG
Intermediate Class (female)
Gisele Lwe von Zschopautal E 1 CAC
Open Class (female)
Csalnosi-Leo Amiga E 1 RCACIB / CAC
Batya-Shani Vom Grafenbhl E 2 RCAC
Champion Class (female)
Danka Lwe von Zschopautal E 1 CACIB / CAC / BOB
Cecilia Lwe von Blumengarten E 2 RCAC
Veteran Class (female)
Katinka Lwe von Bayern E 1 CAC

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