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Crufts (08/03/2007 - 12/03/2007) - (UK)
Mrs G. Smith (Niue )
79 leonbergers registered
EExcellentVGVery GoodGGoodVPVery Promissing
?Unknown-Not present

Puppy Class (male)
Debbollinby Romeo 1 1st
Graceanna Chelan 2 2nd
Hazelcraig Talamazam 3 3rd
Canterwey Cul Mor 4 Res
Kumamatata Crusader VHC
Youth Class (male)
Stormchaser Excalibur 1 1st
Clunkamoor First Officer at Geschwind 2 2nd
Coombevalley Demetrius at Kwenobe 3 3rd
Bavaruki Darling Denzel 4 Res
Rossnick Going for Gold VHC
Open Class (male)
Teamaides Exquistie Eeyore 1 1st / Best Male / BOB
Alfross Grizina's Loki of Shalfoi 2 2nd
Saljay's Don't Look Back 3 3rd
Oldholbans Svartalheim at Kitarn 4 Res
Davenheath Always My Buddy VHC
Baltizar iz Poselka Sokol HC
Wolfen A Glory Hunter C
Veteran Class (male)
Landstryder Magic Man at Manorguard 1 1st
Alfross Acers Abracadabra 2 2nd
Saljay's Many Rivers to Cross 3 3rd
Kilnwick's Fun and Games 4 Res
Yearling Class (male)
Illeleoni Mr. Montgomery 1 1st
Debbollinby Headliner from Kitarn 2 Res / 2nd
Condalf Simply Gifted of Vinue 3 3rd
King of Narnia 4 Res
Marymead Masquerade VHC
Post Grad Class (male)
Debaffinus Lord of the Isles 1 1st
Debbollinby Heir Apparent 2 2nd
Mandazz Wicked Whisper to Alimart 3 3rd
Debbollinby Headliner from Kitarn 4 Res / 2nd
Kumamatata Avago VHC
Limit Class (male)
Dajean Midnight Magic 1 Res Best Male / 1st
Kitarn Neturei Karta 2 2nd
Kumamatata Awesome Boy for Lionslord 3 3rd
Davenheath Ample Reward 4 Res
Graceanna Anoki VHC
Good Cit Class (male)
Brynarian Sambucus 1 1st
Jakamak Cool Hand Luke 2 2nd
Jantonely Morning Star over Beenpea 3 3rd
Lionscourt Arcturus 4 Res
Leonius Leviathan at Valeguard VHC
Puppy Class (female)
Helkenna's Winters Dream 1 1st / Best Pup
Debbollinby Renaissance 2 2nd
Canterwey Craigellachie 3 3rd
Kumamatata Charmed Angel 4 Res
Hazelcraig Taloola VHC
Youth Class (female)
Anallthatjaz Ella Fitz 1 Res / 3rd / 1st
Oldholbans Saradas 2 2nd
Glenbrindy Saffron 3 VHC / 3rd
Open Class (female)
Dajean Cherry Brandy 1 1st / Best Female
Jakamak Creme de la Creme of Jaybiem 2 2nd
Davenheath Almost an Angel 3 3rd
Leotroy Dragon Breeze avec Sharob 4 Res
Aldibara's Promissing Daria by Pi-Pa C
Alfross Grizina's Idunna VHC
Debbollinby Vogue For Lionslord HC
Veteran Class (female)
Debbollinby Molly Malone 1 1st
Björntassen Diana 2
Saljay's One Step Beyound at Tanyvska 3 3rd / 3rd
Yearling Class (female)
Seaxa Chardonnay 1 Res Best Female / 1st
Helkenna's Secret Encouter 2 2nd
Anallthatjaz Ella Fitz 3 Res / 3rd / 1st
Lewandaise Little Mermaid 4 Res
Dragonsfield That's Me VHC / 2nd
Post Grad Class (female)
Estelle von Löwenkraft 1 1st
Engelben Songbird 2 2nd
Sancholees Aphrodites Rock 3 3rd
Jocolda Burberry at Detrah 4 Res
Alfross Kawkawa VHC
Limit Class (female)
Alfross Grizina's Volsunga 1 1st
Mandazz Angelic Whisper to Clydebrae 2 2nd
Stormchaser Tzarina 3 3rd
Manorguard Akuna Matata at Shaleodust 4 Res
Engelben Tongue in Cheek at Charmiley VHC
Good Cit Class (female)
Sylbert Mount Saint Bride 1 1st
Dragonsfield That's Me 2 VHC / 2nd
Saljay's One Step Beyound at Tanyvska 3 3rd / 3rd
Anallthatjaz Ella Fitz 4 Res / 3rd / 1st
Glenbrindy Saffron VHC / 3rd